“Hi Bec, We only want to say ‘Thank You” one more time!! We are delighted!!!! We are sure that Patch is our match!! The whole family is really happy!! It is also fantastic, that we could organise the “delivery”, so that we can spend lots of time with Patch. We can’t wait to see you on Saturday 27th April 2013.  Thanks again and have a nice weekend.

Steve, Sandy & Lisa”

 Email received Feburary 2013

“Peta and Bec, we would like to take this time to thank you both.  As you know we were nervous about fostering/adopting a dog and had fallen in love with one on your Facebook site.  You took the time to discuss our concerns and also brought this big beautiful dog around to meet us and ensure that we would all be able to cope in the new environment.

Fortunately, this visit highlighted some issues and although disappointed at not being able to keep our new friend, we knew that this was the right decision.  At all stages of this process you both kept the dog and our needs at the front of your minds and ensured that only a successful adoption would go forward with the right family.  I know with your commitment to this organisation that this dog will soon have a wonderful home and that when we are ready to adopt again we will certainly be coming to you!!

Well done girls, I know how much of your own time and finances go into this organisation to find wonderful homes for wonderful animals. You are to be commended on your professional and caring approach to your clients, both furry and human.  Thanks again!!”

 Email received Feburary 2013

“We have been very happy with 3R Animal Rescue. They have been very supportive and helpful in so many ways. The dog we took on was not just dumped on us and we weren’t left to fend for ourselves. 3R Animal Rescue have been there to help with the dog’s needs and most importantly, training and behavioural issues. This has benefited both the dog and us and has helped us be the best foster family we can be.”